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Important topics on Indian Polity

Important topics - Indian Polity
1.ConstituentAssembly : Formation,Members,Election,Dis cussions,Decisions,Committes, Adoptation, Commencement-Preamble
2.StatesNewFormation :
Part ABCD States,Reorganisation Act, Linguistic State,Formation-Parliament-Art 3 and 4-Cessation
3.Citizenship :
Citizenship Act 1955-5, methods of Acquiring,Loosing
4.Fundamental Rights :
Definition of Fundamental-Constitutional-Human Rights-6 Kinds-Available to Citizens only-Suspension of-5 kinds of Writs-Public Interest Litigation-Art 12-35
5.Directive Principles :
Defn-Difference from Fundamental Rights,Welfare State, Art 40,43,44,45,46,50,51-Uniform Civil Code
6.Fundamental duties :
Art 51 A-10 concepts added through 42nd Amendment
7.President :
Election,Qualfn and disqualfn-Powers-Privileges-Impeachment-Art 74 -Not controlled by Art 74
8.Parliament :
2 Houses, Qualfn,Disqualfn,Defection, SpeakerCommittes, Joint Sitting,Privilege,Money Bill Ordinance Making Power of President
9.Supreme Court :
Chief Justice and Others-Qualfn-Appointment-Removal-Adhoc Judges-Original, Appellate Jurisdiction-Special Leace Petition-Advisory Opinion-Judicial Precedent
10.CAG :
Appt-Powers-Constitutional Safeguard-Jurisdiction
11.Governor :
Appt-Qualfn-Tenure-Powers-How better placed than President,Art 200 Ordinance
12.State Legislature :
Two Houses-Qualfn-Disqualfn-Powers-Creation or Abolition of Council
13.Judiciary :
Qualfn-Removal -Art 226-Subordinate Judiciary
14.Panchayat :
Art 243 a to end -Municipalities-Panchayat Raj-Importance of 73rd and 74th Amendment
15.State - Central Relationships :
Legislative Relations-Art245-255-When Union can enact on State List-Traty Making Power.Administrative Relations-Art 256-263-Inter State water Dispute-Inter State CouncilsFinancial-Art 264-300-Sharing of Taxes-FinCommn
16.New Service :
Art 312-Powers of Rajya Sabha-AI Judicial Service
17.UPSC :
Art 315-323-Set Up-Qualfn-Powers and Functions
18.Tribunals :
Art 323A &B-Administrative-Other tribunals
19.Election Commission :
Art 324-329-Powwrs-Electoral Laws-People Rep Act-New Schemes
20.Minorities :
Art 330-342-Special Provisions Relating toBC, SC ,ST and other Weaker Sections
21.Official Language :
Art 343-351-Official Languages-Use of English-Languages in Courts-Mother Tongue Education
22.Emergency :
3 Kinds of Emergencies-Art 352-360-National-Effects-When can proclaim,Duration Art356-Effects-S.R.Bommai's CaseArt
23.Misc :
Art 316-367
24.Amendments :
Art 368-3 Methods-Special Majority-Ratification by States-Judicial Review-Basic Structures-42nd
25.Schedule 1
Number of States and UT-Art3&4-No amendment
26.Schedule 2
Salaries of High Dignitaries
27.Schedule 3
28.Schedule 4
Representation of States in Rajya Sabha
29.Schedule 5
Administration of Scheduled Areas-Art 244
30.Schedule 6
Administration of Tribal Areas-Art 244(2) and 275(1)
31.Schedule 7
Union -State-Concurrent Lists-Subjects-Art 246
32.Schedule 8
Official Languages-18-Art 344(1) and 345
33.Schedule 9
Art31B-Validity excluded from Court's Review
34.Schedule 10
Anti Defection-Art 102 and 191-Exemptions
35.Schedule 11
Panchayat Raj-243 G36.Schedule 12 Municipalities-243W

source: Indian Polity Group in Face book

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