Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Model question paper of Public Administration in mains...

some of the questions which may help your prepartion
topics : Organisations , accountability & control, admin law, personnel admin

1a. the distinction b/w line and staff is a distraction without a difference(15)
1b. state philosophy forms the bedrock of admin law in a country, discuss.(15)
1c. admin law is not an ethnocentric concept . discuss the various schools of thought of admin law.(15)
1d. what is the rationale behind legislative investigation . how it is exercised in the indian context.(15)

2a. deparmentalisation has important implication for org performance and effectiveness comment.(30)
2b. admin adjudication and delegated legislation are against the principle of separation of powers per se. comment.(30)

3. The efficiency of the govt. machinery and the quality of services rendered by it depends upon the soundness of its recruitment system. elaborate (60)

4. Define the term civil society. how does it influence the basic balance b/w state and market to ascertain good governance. (60)

5a. nothing is safe that does'nt show that it can bear discussion and publicity. explain in view of transparency of governmental policy.(15)
5b. wilson's scientific admin and concept of false consciousness fails to propel media to shape a need addressed society.(15)
  5c. what is the need for performance appraisal. what are the various steps involved in achieving its effectiveness.(15)
5d. position classification hinders horizontal and vertical mobility. comment.(15)

 6. Citizen's participation in admin is a must for good governance. how it is enmeshed in the Indian context. Elaborate in light of the growing trend of social audit.(60)

 7a. What is PPP and what are its forms. how does it figure in the changing paradigm of development.(30)
7b. Bring out the reasons for growth and dangers of delegated legislation(30)

 8. ''if ethics is lost , everything is lost in public admin.'' what are the major frameworks of ethical standards in public admin , discuss.(60)

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