Friday, September 16, 2011

Right to information Act-2005

.1. When did RTI Act come into force?
Ans. RTI Act came into force on the 12th October, 2005.

Q.2. Who is covered under the RTI Act?
Ans. The Act extends to the whole of India, except the State of
Jammu and Kashmir .

Q.3. What does Right to Information mean?
Ans. Right to Information means the right to : a) inspect
works, documents & records; b) take notes, extracts or
certified copies of documents or records; c) take certified
samples of material; d) and obtain information in form of
printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in
any other electronic mode.

Q.4. What does “public authority” mean?
Ans. Public authority means any authority or body or
institution of self-government which is established by:
(a) the Constitution; (b) any other law made by Parliament
or State Legislature; (c) by notification or order made by
the appropriate Government and including any - body or
NGO substantially financed by the Cente, State and
Local Governments.

Q.5. Who is ‘Third Party’?
Ans. The person whose information has been sought is the
third party. The person applying for information is the
first party; the public authorty to whom application has
been addressed is the second party.

 Q.6. What are the obligations of the Public Authority?
Ans. Public authority is obliged to maintain its record properly ;
publish and suo motu disclose all details about itself viz.
structure, working and source of funds of organisation.
Public authority should disseminate information in such a
way that people can have access to information without
making much efforts .

Q.7. Who is Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)
and what are his duties?
Ans. Public authority designates an officer as APIO at each
sub-divisional or other sub - district levels. The duties of
APIO are to receive the application for information/
appeal from the applicant and to transfer the same to the
PIO/ First Applellate Authority/ Infomation Commission

Q.8. Who is Public Information Officer (PIO)?
Ans. PIO is an officer designated by the public authority in all
administrative units or offices under it to provide
information to the applicants.

For providing information PIO may seek the assistance of
any officer, who is having the custody of records

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