Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Current Affairs to be look for IAS Prepartion

(a) National issues

• Law enforcement , internal security and related issues such as the preservation of communal harmony : naxalism , regionalism , communalism , cross border terrorism , police reforms , unrest in the north east
• Issues relating to good governance and accountability to the citizens including the maintenance of human rights, and of probity in public life : right to information act , administrative reforms, e-governance , important bills and acts passed
• Issues arising from the social and economic exclusion of large sections from the benefits of development : inequalities , poverty , unemployment
• Environmental issues, ecological preservation, conservation of natural resources and national heritage : wildlife projects launched, features of Indian culture, art, drama, music, dances, historical monuments, rivers, cinema and others.
• Indian economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization of resources, growth, development and employment : inclusive growth , agricultural sector, government policy and new schemes , latest budgets (proposals and implications)
• issues relating to the development and management of human resource : education sector , vocational training and skill development , surveys and reports
• health issues : disease outbreaks , health services provided by government , expenditure on health services
• national commissions, authorities and committes

(b) India's bilateral relations with neighbors

• Principles and objectives of India's foreign policy and changing world order
• India's relation with the neighbors : China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan . Topics to be covered are background, political relationship , standing issues (terrorism, river disputes , boundary issues, illegal migration), economic relations , defense relations , terrorism and nuclear cooperation, cultural exchange and membership in multinational organizations.
• Trust deficit with neighboring countries and instability in the subcontinent

(c) Bilateral relations with outside world

In this segment emphasis is given on those countries with which India has long term relations or future prospects are there. Relations can be studied with respect to defense deals and exercises, nuclear cooperation, economy and trade, participation in multinational groups, environmental issues, energy security, global terrorism, reforms in world organizations, developmental programmes. Important countries include U.S , European union , Russia , Japan , France , Brazil, Iran , south Africa , ASEAN countries , U.K  and others.

(d) International issues

• global terrorism
• global financial crises
• reforms in world institutions : world bank , IMF , united nations
• World nuclear disarmament
• Pollution controls
• Iran's nuclear programme
• U.S China relations
• U.S - Russia relations
• Middle East crises
• U.S presence in Afghanistan and Iraq
• Human law violations in African nations and around the world
• Other events of relevance in particular countries and at international level

(e) International organizations, summits and reports

• Organizations : World bank group, IMF, WTO, SAARC, ASEAN, OPEC,G - Groupings, OECD, European union, MERCOSUR, APEC, UNCTAD, NATO, SCO, United nations, IAEA , NSG, BRIC, IBSA, OPEC, WIPO, Commonwealth nations,  red cross, amnesty international and their summits.
• Reports : human development report , corruption report , world bank report , economic forum report and others

(f) The Indian Diaspora

• Indian Diaspora around the world and their role and significance
• Pravasi bhartiye divas
• Mini bhartiye pravasi divas
• Important personalities

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