Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to prepare for Polity..

Comparative Reading
when you read polity -- do it in following routine
1. read President -- then read governer
2. read PM, then read CM
3. Parliament and then State Legislature
4. Supreme Court and then High court
and so on.

Advantages of Comparative Reading
that way you'll be able to
1. remember it better and
2.can answer the comparative question better
(like powers of President vs. governor etc etc- they generally ask
these types of questions a lot.)

3 Types of Questions being Asked in Polity of G.S prelims
nowadays in prelims G/S polity
they'd ask generally 3 types of question
type -1
: A) Supreme court has this abc power B) HC has this xyz power. : which of above sentences are correct.?
Match the following (in this again it can be either the comparative details or Art. number to contents of that article)
assertion and reasoning.

Article Numbers
you don't have to remember all articles numbers in Constitution - but only imp articles numbers- like appointment,powers and removal of things (like President), budget , parliament etc.

Advantage of Polity Section in General Studies
getting all correct answer in polity is not that hard as getting the same in History/Geography because most of the data follows a logical pattern. so revise it a lot and make polity your strong point for G.S.

Negative Marking

its equally easy to get wrong answers in Polity section. Because the statements given are actually legal text- you've to interprepate them carefully before concluding the answer.
otherwise in the question like
HTML Code:
: A) Supreme court has this abc power
B) HC has this xyz power. :
which of above sentences are correct.?
in such questions all sentences will look correct to you but in reality you might be wrong many times.
so this require constant revision and practicing test question papers and previous years papers.
See this  

Current Affairs in Polity

never forget to read any polity article/editorial in newspaper regarding polity. helps you very much in G.S and Essay.
for more see this


Indian Polity -Wizard or
Laxmikanth Indian Polity or
Pratiyogita Darpan's Indian Polity or
Chronicle's Polity special prelim issue magazine in 2008.

(stick to one book, no need to buy them all.
choose the latest edition which provides latest data on the side issues like Law Commission reports etc. + previous years Question papers etc -if you've not bought any polity book yet then-I would recommend Indian Polity -Wizard in that case. but any other book will do the same magic as well.)

refer NCERT & DD Basu only if you've plenty of time, otherwise you won't loose anything in prelims,even if you don't read it. 

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