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Important issues for Civil services Interviews held in April 2012.

Hi friends .,
Congrats to all who are selected for Civil services interviews, these are some of the Questions might be asked in the interview board on the current issues to the candidates mainly from Andhra Pradesh.
So please develop an insight knowledge on this issues it help you to get good marks in Interview.


1.     NCTC- It features, why regional parties are not accepting it? How it   effects the federal structure of India
2.     LOKPAL  and its status quo.

3.     CAG- 2G ,new mining blocks allocation scam , Your ideas and policy suggestions.

4.     CAG interference in Policy matters.

5.     Judicial Activism.

6.     IPC -Sec- 377 , Supreme court ruling and Central Govt stand, Homo sexual issues .

7.     Srilanka  war crimes and UNHRC resolution.

8.     Sriya riots, president Al-bassed & India and other countries stand like U.S.

9.     Allocation of Natural resources through competitive bidding process.

10.                        Local self Govt. institutions (Eliminating of MPTC and ZPTC, AP Govt send a request to  the Union Govt to amend a law on this issue.)

11.                        Telangana issue, 610 G.O, Second SRC, Small states.

12.                        GANGA Pollution issue

13.                        OMC Case mainly for the Aspirants from Andhra Pradesh

14.                        Civil service Anonymity  - MUNDHRA deal in Nehru times,use this example with present implications on JAGAN illegal property case leads to the arrest of 3 IAS officers in AP.

15.                        Political and Bureaucratic relation ( for 14 and 15 refer Public admin by Lakshmi kanth)

16.                        National Manufacturing Policy

17.                        National Telecom Policy.

18.                        Food Security Act.

19.                        MNERGA

20.                        UID for subsidies and for Govt schemes.

21.                        Budget and Economic survey

22.                        Eurozone Crisis

23.                        11th five year plan failures success and its analysis.

24.                        12th five year plan goals, resolutions, priorities etc.

25.                        Indo – US relations

26.                        RBI monetary policy in the phase slow Economic growth (India GDP growth rate is only 6.9%.).

27.                        Disinvestment in PSU’s and set backs

28.                        Financial deficit (5.9% in GDP) it effects on economy study the relation with FRBM & 1994-95 MOU b/w Union Govt and RBI for limiting the Govt expenditure.( Article 292)

29.                        Reforms in IMF , UN , Security council, World Bank in view of 3rd world countries.

30.                        Poverty Index & its controversy.

31.                        Sino- India relations (recently China conducted J-10 jet flight combat operations in controversial boarder b/w china and India. Analyze with Pakistan side also.

32.                        Defense budget of India and its neighbors  (from 2005 – 11 India largest importer of defense equipment.)

33.                        Rail way Budget – Hiking of fares and its revocation.

34.                        Anil kakodhkar committee and Sam Pitroda committee recommendations and its possibilities. (Analyze what will happen if we donot have a separate Budget for railways….As per Ac-worth Committee recommendations in 1921 we have separate Budget for Railways.)

35.                        GST-Refer 23/3/12 Eenadu News paper

36.                        Norway CWS Children Issue.

37.                        IPS officer Murder by sand mafia in M.P .

38.                        SOPA ., PIPA acts by US congress and its impact.

                                                                                       BY: J.Gopinath

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