Sunday, November 25, 2012

Training for Probationary IAS-officers Life in LBSNAA

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You all are preparing for Civil Services now but after you get through the exam you find your place in LBSNAA for your training (even for non-IAS 3- months foundation course ) .What your learn from this 2 years of rigors training, lets watch this videos  it will present you the real world of Civil Services. The dynamics that inherent form there foundation to today.The IAS is just not the service of Administration of India but it inherent genesis yield  the comradeship,the spirit  of sacrifice, the gesture of courage, the symbolical of governance, the never dying spirit. They are bulwarks of Indian Administration. The beacons  of modern Indian wisdom.



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  1. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)


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