Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What makes the difference?

This question is the quite common one; we have been searching for an answer to this. But the strange thing about all of us is we know the answer but it’s quite impossible to accept.
I think now you all aware of what the answer is “Its Yours”.
We all are aspiring to be a member in the elite services of our nation the IAS IPS IFS and many more.
We have some noble ideas, what we plan to do after entering into the service. Since 1950-2012 there are thousands of officer’s who had entered these services with cherishing dreams had become adamant. Why it’s happening..? Are there flaws with in the system or with the persons selected to be in…?
The answer is quite simple; the difference is in the inner personality while he/ she had transformed from a normal citizen to an officer in elite service. The Power and Prestige they command or the greed.
“Power makes you corrupt; Absolute power corrupts absolutely” the absolute power with less accountability. Then every one has to become corrupt but still we have the members who stand for the ethics they defined themselves as a model.
India is still battling to survive. At one side it’s a booming economy an other side 870 million people is still in the poverty. We are heading towards neo-economic reforms but we cannot able to provide nutrition to our children. We are the world’s largest importer of arms & we are world’s second largest AIDS patient’s country.
As an IAS or IPS people are expecting any thing from you….?  The answer is yes…! A layman wants his son to study as like as his master's children, a farmer wants in time seeds and power to grow his farms. The villagers want to get medical assistance to make sure that he still have chance to live even he cannot able to offer the medicine. A mother wants her daughter returns home safe when she gone out. They need quality food, water and home to live. The tax-payers need a nice road to drive safe to return home. An oppressed people need a chance to come forward.  

As an IAS/IPS who dominates the power from the north block in Delhi to the Sub-Division in the districts seems it’s impossible. No certainly not.As once Macaulay said “India can be governed from Simla but administrated from the planes”, those who are in the district as a Collector or a S.P can makes the above difference happens. A filed visit of these  officers itself made the difference in there localities. Concern about the common people, be sensitive to there problems, though we may be the BABU’s but the actual power source of your BABU Dom is those people who pay taxes for your expenses.
At least Lets our younger generation can make to say ”India is a developed country”.

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