Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ghadar Movement

The Ghadar Movement was a movement of patriotic, progressive, democratic, and enlightened Indians living abroad, working for the emancipation of India from the yoke of British colonialism and the birth of a new India based on national and social emancipation. They organized themselves in 1913 among communities throughout the world, adopting the following goals and means:

1-To liberate India with the force of arms from British servitude and to establish a free and independent India with equal rights for all.
2-To establish their headquarters in San Francisco, that would serve as a base to coordinate all the activities for achieving these aims and objectives.
3-To publish a weekly paper, Ghadar, in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and in other languages of India.
4-To hold organisational elections every year to elect a coordination committee from the different committees to carry out all the work.
5-To organize cells amongst Indian railway, industrial, and farm workers, as well as students who would be directly linked to the centre.
6-The coordination committee would elect a three-member commission to supervise the political and underground work.
7-Revenue would be drawn from each member through a monthly contribution of one dollar.
8-No discussion or debate was to take place on religion within the organization. Religion was considered a personal matter and that it had no place in the organization.
9-Every member was duty bound to participate in the liberation struggle of that country in which they were resident.

Members of the Ghadar Party

Baba Bhagwan Singh Dhosanjh
Maulavi Barkatullah
Kartar Singh Sarabha
Baba Visakha Singh
Harnam Singh Tundilat
Harnam Singh Kahira Sahira'
Harnam Singh Saini
Sohan Singh Bhakna
Lala Har Dayal
Tarak Nath Das
Pandurang Sadashiv Khankhoje
Ganda Singh (Phangureh)
V. G. Pingle
Bhai Randhir Singh
Munsha Singh Dukhi
Karim Bux
Harikrishan Talwar

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