Sunday, April 21, 2013

Current Affairs Questions with Answers:By Nikil Singh

1. Name the Cognizant CEO who joined General electric Board 
 ans .  Francisco D souza
2. Name the children Programme which is nearing 1 billion views on Youtube after Gangam style 
ans. Sesame Street
3. Name the kerela Sahitya Academy Award winner of 1992 who died this year
ans. D.Vinayachandra
4. Who was appointed as Financial services Secretary in Finance Ministry of India.?
ans. Rajiv Takru
5. How many Countries are participating in the Gujarat Global Investors Meet 2013 ?
ans. 16
6. Name the Nehru Fellowship Recipient archaeologist who died this year.
ans. Shikaripura Ranagnatha Rao
7. With which British territory India signed Tax Information Exchange Agreement recently? 
ans. Gibraltar
8. Name the American Railway station which celebrated 100 years of its existence on February 1,2013.
ans. New York's Grand Central
9. United Kingdom expressed interests in Forging Partnership in which sector with Kerela.?
ans. Health Sector
10. Which country's Parliament approved new tax legislation aiming to boost state revenues by 2.3 billion in 2013 ?
ans. Greece
11.Which Company from India is set to train 1,500 IT Engineers in Nigeria?
ans. CADD Centre
12. Which Two companies have entered into a partnership to launch the Discovery Channel magazine?
ans. Discovery Network's Asia Pacific and India Today Group
13. What are the software's Students registered for ICAI will deal with as a part of advanced IT course with effect from 1st august 2013?
ans. Oracle , SAP and ERP
14. Who was named as captain of Indian Hockey Team for the 22nd Sultan Asian Shah Invitational Tournament of 2013?
ans. Danish Mujtaba
15. Name the architect whose iconic creations would be exhibited by Royal Institute of British Architect From 14th May to 4th September 2013.
ans. Charles Correa.

              CHARLES CORREA            RAJIV TAKRU                                D.VINAYACHANDRA
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