Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corrider

-The DMIC Project being developed on either side of the Western Dedicated Freight

Corridor as a global manufacturing and investment destination, has made significant strides since inception.

-It spans 1483 KMs between the political capital and the business capital of India, i.e. Delhi and Mumbai.

-New industrial cities in the DMIC region are being benchmarked against recently established industrial cities in other parts of the world
-Plans for 7 new cities have been finalised and work on 2 new smart industrial cities at Dholera, Gujarat and Shendra Bidkin, Maharashtra will start during 2013-14

-This project incorporates 9 Mega Industrial zones of about 200-250 sq. km
-High speed freight line, 3 ports, and 6 air ports

- A 6-lane intersection-free expressway connecting the country’s political and financial capitals and a 4000 MW power plant.

-This Dedicated Freight Corridor envisages a high-speed connectivity for High Axle Load Wagons (25 Tonne) of Double Stacked Container Trains supported by high power locomotives.

-The Delhi - Mumbai leg of the Golden Quadrilateral National Highway also runs almost parallel to the Freight Corridor. 

- This corridor will be equipped with an array of infrastructure facilities such as power facilities, rail connectivity to ports en route etc.

-Approximately 180 million people, 14 percent of the population, will be benefited by the corridor’s development.

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