Monday, June 24, 2013

Some important topics.....Praveen Bhardwaj

Build your opinion about different issues of national importance: some of the general issues are listed below:

Multi-party system vs. Two party system
Prime ministerial system vs. presidential system
Coalition politics- arguments for and against
Regional parties and their importance
Naxalism and Indian policy towards naxal control. What need to be done?
Rivers, river water sharing, river linking, river tribunals etc.
Basic concepts of statistics and their applications- mean, median, mode, AM, GM, HM, Standard deviation, coefficient of variation
Geography of your home state and district.
Euthanasia/mercy killing
Honour killing and Khaps
Tribal issues and tribal development
Recent legislations and new policies
Politics of your home state
Water conservation and water harvesting with special focus to your state
Juvenile and juvenile justice
Capital punishment/ death penalty- arguments for and against and other related issues
Important wars of India- e.g. Buxar, Panipat, Plassey, Anglo-mysore, Anglo-Nepal, Anglo-Afghan, Indo-Pak, Indo-China etc.
Acts passed before independence- regulating acts, 1909 Act, 1919 Act, 1935 Act etc.
Concept of Left, right and centre.
Communism, Socialism, Capitalism
Maoism, Marxism, Leninism
Israel-Palestine problem. India’s relation with Israel
Indo-China relations
Indo-Pak relations
Indo-US relations
Indo-Russia relations
Recent international developments
Development vs. environment.
How to balance development and environmental protection
Sustainable development
Demand for new states: pros and cons
Small state vs. large state
Terrorism and measures to control terrorism in india
Poverty: causes for poverty, its estimation, measures to be taken
Corruption: Causes, measures to control corruption
Biodiversity and its conservation
Mining, mining in forests, illegal mining and related issues
AFSPA: arguments for and against
Public-private-partnership: pros and cons.
Rural problems and rural development
Food security and related issues
Direct cash transfer: Pros and cons
What is lacking in sports administration in India?
Police reforms
Indian intelligence
FDI, inflation, import-export etc.
Agricultural credit and Agricultural insurance
Web regulation, social media- pros and cons, IT act, etc.
Famous writers and theatre personalities of your state
Pardoning power of president and its importance
Protection and promotion of regional languages
Environmental issues
Recent central govt. programmes/schemes, bills, ordinances, acts, policies etc.


  1. Wonderful Information for IAS Students. They can get lots of help here through this blog. Please keep updating in future with current news.

    1. Thank you for ur comment i will keep update this blog as much as possible.


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