Saturday, June 22, 2013

Steps before you starts

Few steps r very important and one should develop them before starting their preparation and inculcate them in his personality, behavior and study plan. This will helps in dropping the unnecessary baggage and in targeting nothing less than 100 % in all what he do during his preparation.

* Believe in yourself and you will do your best . Believing in yourself is the key to success in life. Have faith on ur own ability that u can shine and rise against all odds.

* Be consistent in ur studies. Pace yourself for long hours , almost 8-10 hrs per day. and it is said , ''Quality study matters not quantitative''.

i agree with this statement but if u r going to appear for CSE , u must have potential for doing serious study of almost 6-7 hrs .

* Develop writing skills, decent vocabulary , Gk and current affair base right from your graduation period because as u once enter into preparation mode, it is very hard to develop .

* Make a habit of making notes whenever u read something...

* Once u enter the preparation mode, stop looking for best strategy, best tip, best book list. Get down with the books in hand and start studying.

*. Do not look for shortcuts. Your sheer hard work is the only route for this journey

* Preparation for UPSC is painful and boring barring a few subjects. Learn to live with it. Enjoy the journey of civil service.

* If u didn't clear prelims in your first attempt . no need no worry about it . U aren't alone.

More than 3 lac students who applied for the Prelims this year and about 1.5 lac who actually appeared only about 12800 managed to clear. So stop worrying about the past .

What is gone cannot be redone. So go ahead with ur preparation for next prelims with the experience gained from last year's attempt. Learn from the mistakes nd evaluate ur strong and weak points.

* Never loose hope. Have faith on GOD and yourself that u will emerge victorious one day .....

* Don't show off. Don't show peoples that you r preparing fr IAS and m studying day night for this. Do ur study silently.

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