Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Partition of Andhra Pradesh & Road map for Seema-Andhra By Gopianth.J

CWC had decided that the sate of Andhra Pradesh will be bifurcated into two separate states based on regions as Telangana and Andhra Pradesh (Rayalaseema and Costal Andhra).
It’s irrevocable now to think back. Congrats to Telangana people but its irony to Seema-andhra people. Hyderabad is Golden bowl to entire state is fully owned by Telangana but Seema-andhra had return with empty hand.
The Andhra people have to at least unite now for the rightful share in resources from the united state.
Here are some points that will acts as a foot hold for the Seema-Andhra to emerge as raising power. The biggest problem for Andhra region is its new capital. Prior to 1953 Kurnool had been a capital to this region, but now its no where now to fit as capital for Andhra state.
Capital Issue:
Instead of being a single capital like the state of J&K we have to go for two capital approach one is in Rayalaseema and other is in Costal Andhra. The best cities to realize this issue is Kurnool or Tirupathi in Seema and Vishakhapatnam in Andhra region. Both will be developed as an equal approach with centralized planning. The Union government has to provide resources for the same.
Education and Health:
The Seema-Andhra has to demand the union government to establish this region as education hub.
Its like even and every mandal in this region has to established a model school on the par equal to Hyderabad Public School with 50% reservation to the poor based on only economic status but not other.
At least two to four Sainik Schools are requested to establish one or two in both the regions.
The existing schools have to be upgrade to higher secondary schools with all facilities preaching English medium at high standards.
The Premier institutes in the world and in the country have to invite to establish the centers of excellence and colleges to develop higher education.
The Telangana region have IIT,ISB, IPE,IICT ,IIIT, NIT ,NIFT ,NID ,NIFER BITS, UoH,Nalasar University of law and many more. Andhra region has to demand for these higher learning institutes must be established in this region along with IIM AIIMS IISc and at lest Five central innovation universities. So that most talented fool of human resources can be generated along to attract the investments from the private players. Each district headquarter should become seat of one.
Each district should have a government Medical Dental Nursing Paramedical college with multi super specialty facilities to provide medical services to the poor. The DHC's and PHC's  should be modernized and pays a way for better health care.

The state leadership acts forward to accomplish this herculean task.

The union government has to tack the steps to develop this region industrially. There National Manufacturing zones with 30000 acres each should be established in Kadapa Ongole and Srilkakulam districts with all facilities.
NTPC, NPCIL State govt has to establish 20,000Mega watts of new power generation capacity. BHEL, ECIL, NAL, HAL, SAIL and other PSU’s have to be invited to establish units here.
SAIL has to establish a major steel plant in Jamalamadugu in kadapa district along with an other in coastal Andhra region.
IT& ITES, Gaming, BPO, Animation and other technology industries has to be encouraged with special emphasis in both the regions in Vizag Kakinada Kurnool, Thirupathi, Nellore, Ongole , Vijayawada and other regions of the state.
Petro-Chemical corridor has to be promoted to leverage more investment along the coastal belt.
Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical industries should be established with priority along the coastal belt.
All the important towns and cities in the district should have an investment zone around that city with at lest 50-70 years prior planning by reserving the area for industrial activates.
Ship building industries in Vizag Kakinada Bandar Nellore has to be given special emphasis. Inland water ways like the old Buckingham cannel should be developed.
Due to the proximity to the Bangalore and Chennai cities Ananthapur Chittoor districts has to be developed an automobile Hi-tech manufacturing.
Textile industry is more labor intensive provide enough employment opportunities to unskilled and semi skilled labor.
Ministry of Defense has with its foot hold in Eastern Navel Command should come in hand by establishing the defense research manufacturing and other facilities as per its indigenous program.
Two international Airports which are still pending in Vizag and Tirupathi have to setup on the wheels with jet speed on par with RGI-Hyd.
Domestic Green field Airports has to be developed in Kurnool Kadapa Ananthapur, Chittoor, Nellore Ongole Vijayawada etc (virtually all district headquarters with long term view).
The Union Govt has to given special emphasis on establishing a separate Railway zone to this region along with Axel wheel Wagon Engine track manufacturing facilities.
Andhra region and Rayalaseema region has a beautiful cynic atmosphere to promote tourism in the new state.The Papi kondalu,Aaraku, Vizag beach, Red hills Sesha salam hills and its deance forest,Bandar beach and its port, Prakasham barrage,Durga temple,Trimula,Forts in different places,Yaganti in Kurnool district,Borra caves,Ancient man caves Gandikota  Aolpir Dharga in kadapa district are just a few.

So tourism promotion plantation in hill areas medical and adventure tourism has to be developed to give an aesthetic view to the world.
Water Resources:
The Andhra region having the fertile lands to irrigate but the water required for irrigation now depends on the mercy of Telangana state.Rayalaseema nothing but a land of barren depends its entire agriculture is rain fed and depends on back water of Krishna river.
So an independent constitutionally empowered Board should be established on permanent basics to regulate the water sharing between the states. Polavaram project has to be finished on wartime basics along with all pending schemes.
The Godavari waters have to be harnessed at fullest level. By diverting its water which is left into sea through Prakasam barrage.
Micro and small irrigation system has to be developed
Our engineers have to make the schemes to realize this issue.
The Regional Administrative council for both the regions representing the educational elite and vigilant advisor board to foreseen the development of both regions with statuary powers should be established.
The Union and state governments should lay special emphasis on promotional of employment by training the youth in ITI’s and NAAC by establishing more.
Further more as on lines with Sikh and Gurkha regiment Rayalaseema Regiment has to be incorporated.


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