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The two faces of a coin: Andhra Pradesh divide and rule theory by Congress ---By J.Gopinath

The Human nature is similar to what a coin a holds in each trail of its faces.I have been piratically experiencing this scenario now.I am not biased on any side.I am trying to elucidate platitude comments on a issue burning in Andhra Pradesh.

CWC had declared a statehood process for Telangana region is initiated.The moral and political beacons rings on its favor. The agitation form Sixty years cam to an end now.Delhi softens the pain of one eye by removing the other (Rayla-Andhra region).

The decision is taken in such away that it plunder the sentiments and aspirations of Five crore people.There is no clear cut guidelines for the bifurcation process.It hadn't address any concern of other two regions on ground of Capital Employment Resource sharing water electricity etc.

A aggressive revolt against the Congress has ignited since twenty six days,but no one is ready to here there voice.Its a great paradox. There are genuine concerns to address now at first before the bifurcation as mentioned.
A lot more gamble is happening on both the sides. The normal life of people is struck down on this regions.

Had we ever come across a situation in republic India so far ? certainly No.The bifurcation of Punjab and Harayana in 1966 and there new states Uttharakand,Jharkhand,Chhettisgarh in 2000 hadn't received such a criticism.
Certain comments made by politicians have been adding an oil to this fire.
These are some very few:

In 1958 Badharachalam region in Godhavari district in khammam region for administrative convience ie two years after formation of AP. If Hyderabad is the integral capital of Telangana then Badharachalam should be integral part of Andhra but some politicians claim that they have sentiments in that region so it has to be part of Telangana. From past 59 years the other regions also had sentiments on Hyderabad. Are they ready to lost Hyderabad? If the same rule applies to Telangana region.

The agitation are made by Telangana region is born form the heart of people but the Rayala- Andhra agitation born form the currency notes of some investors.
If so is it possible to fed more than Five crore people these many number of days in each and every village by some few. If so they should the richest persons in the world.So that persons had no issue whether the state is formed or not.

The Andhra agitation is lead by students and employees and normal people same as Telangana but not by politicians, any one can notice that.So don't criticize the concern and feelings of people just for your political gains irrespective of region.

Is there any havoc happens if we have two Telugu speaking states? No,nothing will be wrong its helps for decentralization of power to some extent and provide more governance at door steps.Then why this agitation? The answer for this question is fear for sustains.The three regions in AP depends on each other in most of the issues like power water education health minerals factories employment etc.Alienating form one another will hit the interests of three regions. If the right leadership will address this issue no one will fight like now.

"Its better to divide as regions and be unite together as brothers."

The resources from Hyderabad is not the solo right of Telangana region.Hyderabad is the capital of AP now but not only to a particular region.The Best example for that is the Kakinada port is in Kakinada but is port office is in Hyderabad.Though the port is in Kakinada the businees done through that port is taxed at Hyderabad.If you not believe please see this address.

Address: 3rd Floor,Meenakshi House,, 8 -2-418,Road No:7, Hyderabad, AP 500034 Phone:040 2335 7744

The Andhra Bank established by Mr.B.Patabhi Sitha Ramaya in 1923 who had agitated for the formation of Andhra state in 1953 had moved his bank headquarters form Machilipatnam to Hyderabad after 1956.

I think these two examples are sufficient to address one allegation of the front runner's of Bifurcation.

So at lest not stop claiming about Hyderabad as there solo right every Indian had a right on every part of India until your are an Indian. Telangana had right on Kakinada and Tirupathi same as other region people had there right on Hyderabad.

They also said that the two regions plunder there resources but in 1956 Telangana including Hyderabad have a power supply of about 17 villages but in Rayalaseema 178 Andhra 328+ villages have power.Now the demand of Hyderabad alone is 1500+ MW.

In comparison with the Rayalaseema region, the SKC remarked that "Thus, on the whole, it would appear that the deprived region is Rayalaseema not Telangana" (2.15.03 on Page 119)

This shows that Rayalaseema region has to start first for bifurcation than Telangana.
The interesting thing behind this above observation is that holding CM post does not adds advantage to that region. Rayalaseema region leaders hold CM post more days than other region in AP.

There had a discussion on IIT in AP assembly whether to establish it in BASARA or in Hyderabad both are in Telangana region but not  Guntur Vizag or Tirupathi because they had thought on that day that Hyderabad is a part of there own state but not to any region.

So called people said that its not possible to established in Andhra region because of lack of infra structure. Why dont they consider this issue when they hold underdevelopment card on there favour.

The  IIT's Roorkee, Mandi, Rupnagar,Kharagpur,Kanpur,Indore,Guwathi is not in there capital cities but in a unknown place. 

One very important person behind this entire episode always trying to corner the issue to raise more and more by using some abuse words with a great justification as there culture (I don't want to give his name).If so, Is his supporters and himself ready to criticize on the same way by other in there culture?It is so better for him to change his attitude at lest now.

"Culture will never demoralize others,its enlightens the highest level of consciousness as a human being"

Lets switch on to the other side I had heard in a statement that Andhra people had thought the agriculture and culture to the Telangana people.I think its better for them to concern some doctor. Telangana region had a well flourishing culture before kuthubshai's. They had irrigated 48 lackh acers before the formation of state.They might be mistaken.Its true that during the Nizams regime he had invited framers from Andhra region to cultivate the vast fertile lands below the Nizam Sagar catchment area.

Rayala Telangana its an another joke.A politician from Ananthapur district had raised his voice in favor for this in the name of people in Kurnool and Ananthapur are ready to welcome this if bifurcation is certain.The same person had also apple for the merger of Ananthapur district in to Karnataka once because of its proximity to Banglore. I don't know who is he to represent the voice of these two districts people.

I don't know why all the education institution of national importance is established in Hyderabad if  they established in other districts of Telangana there might dilute this issue at some time.

In spite of all this why no one is serious to discuss on Srikrishna Committee report and find amicable solution on the floor of AP Assembly and Indian Parliament.

At-least now stop this fighting's and lets begin new era form the lessons of the past.Admits mistakes,discuses and dialogue for the common good.Leave the narrow mindset for power and money.Strive for the better tomorrow.

Note: Sensible Criticism is accepted in your comments. 

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