Thursday, October 3, 2013

Is our social fabric of nation in its federal foothold is in eminent danger dates back it's emergency controversy.....?

India is a strong unitary state vd federal features.The genesis of inscribed principles of our constitution had replaced by the wimps and fancies of strong political forces for there political gain.The dynasties politics replaced the common good by political gain.The Article 3 and 3a of the constitution had emerged from the concessions but it's practice is strictly arbitrary.In the constitutional debates Dr. Ambedkhar pointed out the the week voice can't not be curbed by the strong fold due to there whims during this time the Parliament has to decide the matter in view of national interest at large considering all the stakeholders to strengthen the integrity of the country with in the Federal frame work.The ideals are left in the book it self not in the practice.The good politics is the solution for the bad politics but not No politics.The good of few became good politics for all now.This very synod nature  will itself destroy the social fabric and Federal nature of our country ultimately a great distress in paradox.
                       It's a time to enlighten our selfs from our derogatory practices and narrow view of political and social problems in all.If not the ditactor regime exists in nation on one-hold.The review on working of constitution has an urgent need.

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