Sunday, October 13, 2013

RTI petition filed by me to the Cabinet Secretariat

As per Section 6 of Right to Information Act 2005.I require information about the following questions

Q1.What are steps taken by the Union Govt to satisfy the demands of Andhra people on the formation of Telangana State

Q2.Why govt forming Telangana state even though the Sri Krishna Committee had clearly state that Telangana is more developed than other regions like Rayalaseema and Andhra in Andhra Pradesh state

Q3. What are the basics for the formation of Telangana state

Q4. What are steps going to take to develop the Rayalaseema region which is the most backward region n the country and in AP

Q5.What are the steps taken by the Union government on Justice Sri Krishna Committee report.why it is not tabled in the parliament for discussion

Q6. Why Telangana note is tabled before the cabinet as table item with out giving prior notice to the Cabinet ministers.

Q7.what are the briefings giving by the cabinet minters Telangana note in cabinet meeting.

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