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Plot No: 29, Ganesh Nagar, Chintal, Quthbullapur, Ranga reddy, Hyd-55
Phones: +91 9989134629, +91 9030133596

                                                “Dream, Dream Dream
                                                 Dreams transform into thoughts
                                                  And thoughts result in action.
--------   APJ Abdul Kalam

     We are a team of people, making every effort, to be the Catalysts, to the addition of VALUES to the present day Society, in all the ways possible, by all the means possible, and at all the levels possible.  We have gathered together under the banner of YOUNGISTAAN, to positively take forward our present goals and usher in changes in Society, and make our life on this Earth, a far more meaningful one.
Mission: We want every citizen to be aware of social issues that are bothering us... and we want to help needy by giving a ray of hope to them to live like us... we are planning to conduct events to help for a good cause.
Vision: India, not just a 5 lettered word, but a birthplace of civilization, cradle of all races. It is a lifestyle powered by the notion of Unity in Diversity and promoted by the humanitarian values. It is moreover a discipline, rather a dream quite adequately shaped by the supreme sacrifice of our great martyrs......... But, in recent times, it is suffering from identity crisis as we- the youth hardly seem to be alive towards our responsibilities. The nationalist values are downgrading in our priority ladder. Our approach is getting less sustainable towards national resources ranging from man to material. The development has more become the monopoly of the privileged at the top of pyramid. ........ Being a responsible Indian youth, therefore, we need to be proactive and aim at channelising our anxiety and restlessness towards change with speed, dignity and order. As we are moving ahead on the path of modernization, we have to remain alive to our core nationalist values. ....... This page has been launched with an urge to revive our responsibilities towards the nation and recognize our potential with which we can multiply the growth rate by turning today's disadvantaged into multiple organs of development stressing the fact that our way must be gradual evolution, as violent revolution has never been Indian way.
What if I can't do everything, but still I can do something. And merely because I can't do everything, I will not stop doing something which I can.
 -Be the change you want to see! Jai Hind!

Our Aims: 

To raise the socio–economic status of the poor of the Society.
To get all the necessary assistance available from the state as well as central government for the economically backward in the society.
To act as a helping hand in case of calamities like diseases, accidents, famine, death, floods etc.
To establish human welfare centre schools, student hostels, orphanages, industrial training centers, adult literacy, old age homes, moral education centers, free hospitals, free libraries, Charitable Programs etc.
To help poor students in their education and to encourage meritorious students with scholarships and providing uniform and books.
To develop programs for the employment of educated and support and encourage self employment Units like Vocational Training Centre, Small Scale and Cottage Industries, Factories etc.
To create and develop programs for women’s welfare so as to achieve the overall development of women. To have special program for the rehabilitation of widows, divorcees, destitute and handicapped.
To Organize Blood donation, Eye donation and Social Awareness Campaign among the Youth.
To encourage sports, fine arts and entertainment.
To make extension of education for social awareness like unemployment, birth- control, corruption, social and economic exploitation.
To have amity with people of all religion, caste and creed and spread the message of unity.
To work for justice and equality.
Distribution of clothes, rice, medicines, books, GI Sheet, utensils etc. to poor people, orphans and also during Natural Calamities every year.

We started emerging like sprouts every where and formed teams at Hyderabad, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, Surat, Chennai, Tirupati, Bangalore.

Contact us:
Naresh Kumar Durishetti
Contact: +91 9989134629; +91 9030133596

Vishal Jain
Contact: +91 9748625580

Shikhar Pandey
Contact: +91 9453255480
Uttar Pradesh.

Meyyappan Easwaramoorthy
Contact: +91 9843757555

Vikram Mahesh
Contact: 07200626601

Contact: 09500030690

Aishwarya Dixit
Contact: 09998775274

Contact: 09440503181

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we are the Indian minds united with the intent to eliminate poverty and to take the Nation to a greater height...                                                                                    
    To touch lives and illuminate more minds join us in this journey from darkness to Light !

Warm Regards,
Team Youngistaan.

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