Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Mail to Governor of AP and TG on IGCARL Pulivendla

The Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Dear Sir,

This is Gopinath Jyothi working as a Software engineer in TCS-Hyd, hailed from Pulivendula YSR Kadapa dist AP.
I am wrting this mail to draw your attention to the unlawful wastage of public money amount of 386 crores and 600 acres of land in Pulivendula in the name of IGCARL (Indra Gandhi Centre for Advanced Research on Livestock).The YSR govt had established this world class research facility in Pulivendula in 2009.It is attached to Animal Husbandry,Dairy Development &Fisheries Dept.,Govt of AP.

As of now the entire facility is ideal, no activity is carrying out here.I personally visited the centre nothing there.The facility is filled with dust and bushes everywhere.I feeling pity about that in a nation where a person earning 28 rupees per day is not a poor, since 66 years of getting independence still there are people who are struggling not able to have a proper meal in a day.

Who gave the right to this politicians and bureaucrats to waste our tax payers money for there wimps.

The aim behind the establishment of the center is best understood by the facilities provided there.For your reference i am providing the link of official website here.  

                                                       See this video how its look like 

But the days change, now the present status of this research center is best seen in this below news item in 10tv.

video look into this link:
IGCARL Construction in Pulivendula with Rs 386 crores |10tv

But still there is inactiveness in the bureaucracy. The district administration is completely inactive in the hands of local politicians Please take proper action in order to fulfill the intention behind its establishment.

If its not possible to maintain this research facility.Please convert this into an extension campus to the Yogi Vemana University in Kadapa.

Your are the only hope of mine and the residents of pulivendula.This is my last attempt of this issue, i tried to draw the assistance of the Union govt also through RTI on it but i failed.

Please look into this with some personal care or else this will go into vain.

With a small and final hope on you,

Gopinath Jyothi
Ph: +91 8143546676.


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