Monday, January 26, 2015

In the context of modern capitalist driven economy, the ideals enshrined in the preamble still relevant? Equality and fraternity possess a challenge. Critically examine

The ideals enshrined in the constitution reflect the ideas and aspirations of our elders while drafting the constitution. The idea of socialist state in 1950 to market driven economy in with the liberalization reforms in 1999 and successive years, shaped with economic future of the country with both up and downs. The concept of state driven economy in Nehruvian times laid an emphasis on vibrant economy with Heavy industrialization and Irrigation as its backbone. The 1950’s era addressed the immediate need of building a nation from foundations. Even the state driven reforms and privatization of resources and opening up of key areas to market investment created a Global economy in India. The Social equality attributed to the success of brings the marginalized classes in to main stream development. The success of ITDA,PMRY, SJGSY, PMSY Food for work, MGNREGA, Direct cash transfer schemes and PM Jan Dhan yojanga, pays a way for gainful employment and assured delivery of Govt resources to the public. This will help to bring social status as well as Economic independence to the poor to stand on their feet. The Directive Principles of state policy though not legally enforced but given a clear direction to the Govt’s to work upon to full fill the ideals in preamble. The capitalist economy allows wider reach of opportunities to the Business and Red tapeism to Red carpet to business provide employment opportunities to the both skilled and unskilled workforce to India helps to ends the Poverty and Fraternity between the societies and classes.  As fraternity well exists between equals the new market avenues provides way for it. The National skill development Mission aims to harness the demographic dividend once harnessed pays a way for class less society and more matured, well educated, performance driven India in all spears this will achieve the Ideals enshrined in the economy with more meaning full way.

Though we had slight disturbances and short comings in the past on our path but they will not deter the spirit of Indians. The Ghar waps, Communal clashes, preaching no family planning to improve hold of Hinduism will always deter in modern educated society which shackles the fundamentalism with Ideal values gained to transformation with education.

The Key attributes enshrined in the constitution will always be relevant in the present context whether it’s a Socialist or Capitalist economy. The economic nature alone  will not dictates the path of Nation.

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