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4th February is marked as world cancer day.

Cancer [1] is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth.

Normally, a cell in the body follows an orderly path of growth, division, and death. It is also possible that growth of a cell becomes uncontrolled and it never dies. Reason behind the uncontrolled growth is damages or mutations to DNA which in turn result in damage to the genes involved in cell division. The uncontrolled growth of cells form lumps or masses of tissues called tumors. Tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems, and they can release hormones that alter body function. These tumors spread to other parts of the body and grow, invade and destroy other healthy tissues.

Carcinogens are a class of substances that are directly responsible for damaging DNA, promoting or aiding cancer. Tobacco, asbestos, arsenic, radiation such as gamma and X-rays, and compounds in car exhaust fumes are all examples of carcinogens. When our bodies are exposed to carcinogens, free radicals are formed that try to steal electrons from other molecules in the body. Theses free radicals damage cells and affect their ability to function normally.

In India, each year [2], 10 lakhs (14 million worldwide) cases of cancer are detected (53%-women and 47%-men) and 7 lakhs (8 million worldwide) die of cancer. In 66% cases cancer is detected in advanced stage in our country. Breast, cervical (highest) and stomach cancers are responsible for the majority of cancer deaths among women in India, while lung, oral (highest) and stomach cancers are the leading causes of cancer death in Indian men [3].

Among the causes of cancer, stressed life, hereditary (genetic), wrong food and wrong diet habits and tobacco consumption are main [4].

Solution to the cause “Stressed Life”
In the run of accumulating luxuries in life, we have got work pressure and hence, stressful mind as gifts. Stress alone has not been found to cause cancer, but stress that lasts a long time may affect a person’s overall health and ability to cope with cancer. The best way of handling this problem is practicing yoga, pranayam and meditation. Gym may give you a strong body but in order to insure a disease-free and stress-free life everyone should also practice yoga, pranayam and meditation.

Solution to the cause “Hereditary”
According to famous cancer specialist and author of several books written on various diseases, Andreas Moritz [5], genes do not undergo genetic mutation without any external reason. So, behavior of cancerous genes can also be changed if their external environment got change. This external environment includes our eating habits, cleanness of blood, working of liver, digestion of food etc. So, we can say that cancer can be controlled, even if it is hereditary, by making the external environment good. It is also applicable to all other type of hereditary diseases.

Solution to the cause “Wrong Food and Wrong Diet Habits”
According to T. Collin Campbell [6], former senior science adviser of the American Institute for Cancer Research and author of the famous book, “The China Study”, [7]: “For a cancer patient, I will not suggest to take any type of allopathy based (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc.) cancer treatments available in the market. I will rather suggest to take a diet which is full of fruits and raw vegetables. Along with the food, I will also suggest to drink sufficient water, take sufficient sunlight and proper exercises.”
He also tells that, animal protein increases the possibility of cancer in the body. For example, non-vegetarian food. According to him, diet of a patient of any disease should be 90% plant based and for a healthy person the percentage should be at least 60%.

Solution to the cause “Tobacco Consumption”
Tobacco consumption includes smoking and chewing tobacco. Tobacco consumption is the biggest cause for cancer deaths (30%) in India. The best way to quit tobacco is, your firm determination. Pranayam also helps to weaken the urge for tobacco. This video [8] may also help in quitting tobacco.

According to the book How to Return from Hospital Alive, written by famous memory master Biswaroop Roy Choudhary, for most of the people cancer cells are always present in their body in its inactive form. But following reasons may increase the possibility of turning these cancer cells to active state: (i) Consumption of medicines for long time for the diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure or taking birth control pills for long time. (ii) Exposure to radiations during several tests such X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan etc. The author advices to avoid such tests as much as possible (opposite to present trend where doctors first tell to go for tests. Obviously, earning more money by prescribing unnecessary tests is the prime reason). The book also reveals health and food conspiracies (involving pharma companies, doctors, food and beverage companies) running around us.

Chemotherapy is one of the popular treatment for cancer. But according to Dr. Andreas Moritz [9], success rate in chemotherapy is only 3%. Further Dr. Peter Glidden [10], author of the book “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes” and owner of the, adds that in spite of very less success rate, chemotherapy is very popular because of money factor. At the same time, there are so many side effects of chemotherapy which may finally lead to death of the patient. In the video [11], it is explained that how the tumor of cancer grows and how it spreads into the body. It also explains the side effects of chemotherapy in the body. Cancer patients who are planning to take chemotherapy, please do some more research before going for it and do not believe on doctors blindly.

According to Ayurvedaturmeric [12] and cow urine [13][14] are identified as medicines to cure cancer. The main reason is presence of the chemical “curcumene” in both. In [12], the famous MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the comprehensive cancer center in United States, confirms the presence of curcumene in turmeric. [13] and [14] are US patents taken to use cow urine as anti-cancer agent and as other medical use. In the video [5], Dr. Andreas Moritz has explained that how curcumene helps in inhibiting the growth of cancer tumor in the body.

For the cow urine, cow must be indigenous (desi) cow, not jersey and the cow should be going for grazing regularly. For your information, in India, most of cows are jersey or hybrid. For the production of milk in large scale, we have grown jersey cows and sent desi cows to slaughter houses or exported them to foreign countriesBut, the fact [15] is that milk of desi cows is good for health while milk of jersey cow may lead your body to risk of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. In video [16], the great patriot and social scientistShri Rajiv Dikshit has explained the importance of cow urine and turmeric for cancer patients and given direction on how to consume them.  Some other medicines are also available in Ayurveda for cancer but until our diet pattern is not as per the prescription of Ayurveda, no medicine will give good results.

Conclusion: The way cases of cancer are increasing in the world, it is going to be a big threat for human race. But, cancer can easily be controlled by doing some simple changes in our life style. Some of the major cancer risk factors that can be controlled are: tobacco and alcohol use, diet (vegetarian), physical activity, exposure to radiations. In case of detection of cancer, be careful while going for allopathy based treatments. Finally, remember that a “touch” spreads “love” not “cancer”. Give more love to a cancer patient.


- written by  Mukesh Giluka, IIT Hyderabad

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