Friday, February 13, 2015

My Review on 'Applied Diplomacy: Through the Prism of Mythology' by Ambassador T P Sreenivasan

How you fell when someone had a wide experience on Diplomacy and world power corridors, who had enjoyed the company of former from Prime ministers of India to top world leaders like US President Barak Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and German Chancellor Angela Markel as granted and who bring the laurels in International stage by his accomplishment’s sits next to you with a smile and speaks to you as a philosopher or a friend about his days in pastoral lands to horseshoe table debates in UN Security Council? This is what I experienced when turning the pages of 'Applied Diplomacy: Through the Prism of Mythology' by Ambassador T P Sreenivasan

Ambassador T P Sreenivasan, the roles played by him being in IFS is not less than  Arjuna in battle field of kurukshetra, here the battle is with the words mixed with might and reciprocal favors in diplomatic circles at world forums to secure the nation interests and to reflect the dictums of his masters in South Block.

In this book, he poured the utmost wisdom, knowledge and experience he gain over a period of four decades. Diya S Iyer edited the writings and speeches delivered by Sreenivasan in to seven chapters each one are an epitome of it.

Hunuman: As the mascot of IFS, the first ever diplomat that India sent abroad elaborates upon the current state of Indian Foreign policy. He presented the life of an aspiring young diplomat and challenges there in. He had given insights about it charms of diplomacy, importance of culture, traits of 21st century diplomat, Spouse as Cultural ambassadors and the training that matters.

Vibheeshana: Though he is a brother of Demon king Ravana, who stands for righteousness in the midst of threats and fears, portrays India in its pusillanimous yet positive take on its neighborhood. He remark bully explained the three evolutionary phases of the Indian Foreign policy. He explained the strict reciprocity policy towards Pakistan followed by Chain Insurability as its asset and India’s regional engagements.

Ashwatthama: The power house of Kauravas, who was cursed to live a prolonged life as he erred under the ire of humiliation, warns us about the wrongdoings that unquestioned power can instigate, as in a super power like USA. Dedicated to the romance of India and US as seasonal lovers always had unknown reason for smile and cry reached its zenith with raising China and consequence of nuclear trade. The Nuclear trade occupies more space than it deserved.

Parasurama: who possess the most destructive weapons ever that annihilate life on earth warns about hazards of nuclear weapons urges us ‘Atoms for peace and Global Zero’. He criticized the mad men race for nuclear arsenal though the 9/11 demonstrated that the power to destroy the world many times over provides no guarantee of security. The author who had earlier worked in IAEA as Governor presents a mixed thought about Indian energy security through Nuclear energy attributing the Fukushima disaster.

Kripacharya: The United Nations, who struggled to maintain its relevance in today’s world. As an Insider he presented how the UN works and power politics from General Assembly to UN Security council those are still unknown to the outsiders. Sreenivasan elucidate the bi-standards of P-5 countries in Security Council to reforms and India as a permeant member. He abashed the unpredictability as a hallmark of the Norwegian Nobel committee when it comes to the awarding of the Nobel Peace prize between OPCW and Malala. He pointed the apathy of India in Securing the leading positions in UN agencies which certainly an eye opener to Foreign Ministry and PMO.

He added the spices of Kerala to in his writings in Mahabali. This explains the typical Malayali and his second innings as Commentator, evangelist on Foreign policy, followed by his grand plans for Higher Education 2.0 for Kerala.

Vyasa: The master story teller by himself made an attempt to show his veneration towards his master JS Mehta, passion about writing, and his life as an inspiration to millions of boys and girls who looks for hope to enter in corridors of power to drive a change.

TP Sreenivasan with all love he had on his service IFS made a strong attempt to inspire the youth of this nation to opt for it. His writings are delightful and thought provoking, laced with humor proved him a commendable writer.

Diya S Iyer had made his mentor proud by brining on a whole range of subjects, in a most imaginatively structured compilation with the uncanny link that she established between Indian mythology and Diplomacy.

 Wisdom tree India stands by its name by publishing this book. I am sure this would be one of the finest in there book self. I greatly recommend this book as bible for the next generation diplomats, students on international relations and readers who want to know the unsung heroism of diplomats.

Finally I am thankful to the Naman kapur from Wisdom tree for choosing me to write review on this book. He made this day one will stands special forever.

APPLIED DIPLOMACY — Through the Prism of Mythology: Writings of T.P. Sreenivasan: Edited by Divya S. Iyer; Wisdom Tree, 4779/23, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002. Rs. 895.

Reviewed by: Gopinath Jyothi


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