Tuesday, April 18, 2017

India defense excersises

Indian Navy Joint Exercises
Varuna naval exercise is joint exercise of navies of France and India.
SLINEX.-Sri Lanka India Naval Exercise
INDRA is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia
Exercise Malabar is a bilateral naval exercise involving the United States and India.
Simbex - Indian Navy with Republic of Singapore Navy
IBSAMAR with the Brazil and South African navies.
KONKAN - A bilateral Naval Exercise  between Indian Navy and Royal Navy of Britain
AUSINDEX-Indian and Australian Navy Bilateral Maritime Exercise
Sahyog-Kaijin -Joint exercise of Coast Guards of India and Japan
Naseem Al Bahr - Joint navy exercise of  India and Oman

Indian Air Force Joint Exercises
The joint India-UK air exercises are known as the “Indradhanush” or “Rainbow”.
India-France Air Exercise “Garuda".
Avia Indra-2014-  the India-Russia maiden aerial exercise.

Indian Army Joint Exercises
Mithra Shakti exercise- India and Sri Lanka.
Hand-in-Hand. -India-China joint military training exercise
Exercise Shakti - India and France armies
Exercise Nomadic Elephant- Indian Army exercises with the Mongolian Army.
Exercise Yuddh Abhyas is a series of joint exercises between the Indian and United States Armies since 2005.
Surya Kiran - India Nepal joint military exercise
LAMITYE- India and Seychelles
Prabal Dostyk - India Kazhakhstan Joint exercise
Al-Nagah- Joint military exercise between Indian and Oman

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