Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Review on "Hope In a Challenged Democracy" by Mr.Ashwani Kumar.

Mr. Ashwani Kumar, the former Law Minister, a legal luminary by himself, with more than a decade of experience in Rajya Sabha, penned down his thoughts and discourses on varied challenges and issues in our democracy in his new book, "Hope In a Challenged Democracy".

            His illustrating career in the UPA reflected in his writings. His tried to present his views in simple and lucid language to break the stereotype in understanding issues and framing opinions mostly cultured by media.His expositions in writings, though reflects his knowledge but failed to devoid his Congress Men mark. His ability to convince reader with his arguments by citing constitutional law is laudable. It makes us captured by his views.But, his ideas on RTI and Lokpal unable to address the real scenario of Corruption, Nepotism and Political servitude in our nation, here he is sided by administrative and legal challenges.

            He emphasized the virtue of mean in democracy, by presenting the case of three pillars of our constitution, state versus people,majority versus minority, national versus international, need versus state capacity.He tried to remind us the need to acknowledge the diversity of opinions for a inclusive nation building by touching the Extremism,Justice,Privacy, and Freedom.
           Mr. Ashwani Kumar, tried to touch possibly everything under the "State of the nation,Constitution, Dynamics of Diplomacy and Transforming the economy" in his book.He provided a statesman's perspective on addressing challenges and optimizing responses with a view on transforming our democracy with collective conscience of our nation.

          He expounded his vision by discussing from past, present and future of our course as Sovereign Socialist, Secular,Democratic,Republic India in international community. Its help us to critically evaluate our nation and our ideas to get the iota of  difference in our thinking as an outsider of power kegs.

         One should read this book with an open mind to get a new perspective,contrary to that had impounded upon us by emotions, ideas, situations, and media. This book hold good for everyone who concerned with state of our nation and the world today.

Thanks to the WisdomTree publications for presenting me with an another opportunity to write a review on a book written by such distinguished personality.


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  3. Its help us to critically evaluate our nation and our ideas to get the iota of difference in our thinking as an outsider of power kegs Answer Key 2018.


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