Saturday, November 25, 2017

Higher Education Action Agenda (NITI Aayog)

 Designation of World Class University: Identify 20 universities (10Private 10 Public) to be free from regulatory regime. Adopt the
Tiered based funding model for only two out of ten public
 Autonomy for Top Colleges: Take out the top college form
centralized control, allow greater flexibility in academic matter and
option to convert into unitary university. It will boost the
competition within cluster of colleges in the university.
 Reform of regulatory system: Archaic UGC Act of 1956, should be
reformed, from every aspect such as student fee, grants,
curriculum and course hours responding to the evolving world
education system.
 Establish a specific project/scholar specific research grants: A
system of public funding for research in specific areas of public
importance has driven much of the innovation in Science and
technology. A prize system should be established in which funding
would go to the research which delivered solution to clearly
specific problem.
 Increased focus on vocational and professional led education:
establish outcome based certification for institution that focus on
skill and trade closely tied to employment. Focus should be on skill
and vocational training required in public sector such as nursing,
paramedical and teaching.


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