Monday, March 12, 2012

Civil Services Over view


  1. Thanks a lot for such valuable post !
    I have a question that for preparing IAS General studies how much time a person should devote. A friend told me about online courses like to save time and focus more on ias prelims preparation. .So are online course good enough ??

  2. its completely depends on how u can make use of it instead of online i suggest to go to a good institute so that u can build up a group of like minded people fr ur preparation.. that keeps in right track..a part of that u can receive continues update frm ur faculty and friends vh is very imp fr ur preparation ..ya it doesnt a matter of time GS does nt hav a time line u should be in touch vd GS till u clear the exam so u hav to study it continually.Every day u hav some thing to learn frm news papers and magazines all these are apart of GS..


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