Tuesday, October 15, 2013

RTI filed by me to the Department of Atomic Energy

I require the information to the following questions:

Q1. How many number of major and minor accidents occurred in all the Indian Nuclear Mining sites, Processing and storage Nuclear power generation facilities.

Q2. What are the steps taken by the govt in order to avoid the Nuclear disaster and accidents occurred so far.

Q3. What are steps taken by the govt for establishing Nuclear Fuel complex in YSR Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh

Q4. What are precautions taken by the department regarding the environmental safety at Thumalla palli nuclear exploration facility and steps taken regarding the concerns of safety to local people resistance  fears.

Q5. Is there any future expansion plans in YSR District Nuclear exploration facility.

Q6. What is the total amount of revenue under all heads to sate and central govts from Thumalapalli  Nuclear Mineral exploration in YSR Kadapa District.

I request you to please furnish the above information in the email pdf or an soft copy.


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