Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mission for Better India through better transparency.

 *** Our Mission for Better India through better transparency.***

Dear Friends,

        Its our Right to be vigilant.The Democracy rest's on the pillars of transparency.The Union government had  granted the legal right to access the information.The Right to Information Act 2005 is a corner stone for harness the gross roots of democracy.I am inviting you to be a part in Transparency building process in our nation.As responsible citizen of India who paying taxes form tooth paste to income tax on our incomes. We have right to know how each and every penny of us is spend by them.

          I am Inviting  you all to be apart of our nation building by filing at least 10 RTI applications in a year.I pledge for that for my nation. WHAT ABOUT U....?
                                   The is digital platform to file an RTI application to the Union Govt departments and Ministries.

1.Register your self in the portal 
2.File an RTI application

POST YOUR RESPONSES ON our facebook page or on our blog you also mail to me @

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