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Rayalaseema Development including Nellore and Prakasham districts.

The development of any state or region is depends on the sustained improvement in the living standards and respectful life of common rural folk.

The Rayalaseema region has been severely drought hitting region not only in the existing Andhra Pradesh state but also in the entire country. The Rayalaseema region completely depends on agriculture and cattle rearing without considerable irrigation facilities and economic back bone. Though the state of Andhra Pradesh had been ruled by the Chief Ministers from this region but the economic muscle of this region is so thin due to lack of any industries except some cement factories due to its rich lime and mica and lime stone deposits.

The region having potential resources for mining with its world largest deposits of Lime stone,Uranium,Mica,Dolomite,Iron ore,kadapa stone and granite have been miserable failed to achieve industrialization due to lack of political support and foresight for its development.

The Union government in its balanced regional development initiative had established considerable number of major industries all around the country except in Rayalaseema region. This can be identified by the zero number of major industries both in public and private sector.

The region completely dried up due to lack of rainfall and irrigation facilities had also dried up due to no significant steps for the construction of dams and canals to give new life to this region. The region once famous for its richness as Rathanala seema now remained as Ralla seema (Area of stones).

As per the  terms of reference of the GoM given below:

  (iv)  look into the special needs of the backward regions and districts of both the States and recommend measures;

We are forwarding our recommendations behalf of our region development:

Irrigation facilities:

The four districts if Rayalaseema region along with Nellore and Prakasam district has been considering as some of the most drought hit regions in the nation.
The annual rainfall in the Rayalaseema region is less below the national average below rainfall. The Ananthapur district had declared as second desert of India because of the desertification process due to lack of rainfall and irrigation facilities. The rainfall in this region is below that of Ladakh.

Any civilization flourishes along the river valleys. This can be acclaimed by Egyptian, Harappa civilizations and they came to an end due to drain of rivers. In order to avoid this calamity in this region and to avoid suicides of farmers and artisans the only way is to develop this region in all aspects mainly in agriculture due to its agrarian in nature.

The GoM looking in to the issues of Polavaram project and declared it as a national project. The water conserved due to inter basin conversion from Godavari to Krishana will be made useful for the conservation of Krishna water. The Dhummu gudam tail pond will add additional capacity of 150 Tmcs to the Krishna basin. Due to lack of sufficient water resources and drought prone we are requesting you to consider this case and allot not less than 350 Tmcs of water both from the Krishna and Godavari water available due to basin conservation as assured water allotment to this region. We are suffering lack of drinking water too. This will add to our resources to develop this region agriculturally and industrially. Any industries can sustain and established if they have well water facilities available.

The lack of any major irrigation facilities has been adding a great disadvantage to this region. The union government has to take initiative to develop this deprived region by providing a special package to this region for irrigation facilities.

Rayalaseema Major and Minor Irrigation Development  Authority:

A statutory origination named Rayalaseema major and minor irrigation development Authority under Ministry of water resources of Govt. Of India will only save this region from mass starvation, human migration and farmers suicides. The Central Water commission will take this matter and develop a detailed plan for the development of this region.

These regions had and have been experiencing mass migration to other areas mainly Hyderabad as daily wage workers in construction and other some hazardous work can be controlled by only through well drainage facilities for agriculture and industrialization.

Dates back to Vijaynagara kingdom this region had extensive tank facilities for irrigation which had further developed some extent by the Britishers. As the time passes these tank facilities had been ignored and diverted its diverted area for other purposes. The govt has to take special emphasis for the development of tanks and conservation rain water in this drought hit region.

The projects pending in this region along with the planned ones has to be considered as projects for national importance for sustained development and backward regions development initiative to add advantage to this region, otherwise this region will become second Thar desert of India.

The Srisailam project constructed on Krishna river had became nerve centre for Samikya Andhra agitation form Rayalaseema region. This project due to geographically located in both Rayalaseema and Telangana region will become place for future water wars between the two states. This has to be carefully examined on the light of regional aspirations and national importance in order to avoid future agitations. The better possible way is to add the entire project built in area to Rayalaseema Region, so that the last riparian sate had an advantage.

Industrial development:

By providing a monetary package will do nothing to the development of this region because of the faction politics and mass corruption in the political leaders in this state. The reserve resources of our PSU's will tap for industrial development of this region, which indirectly help for national development.

Tax free Region:

In order to encourage the private and public investments in this region the Union government has to declare Rayalaseema as tax free region for not less than twenty five years. During the formation of Utarakhand that state had got Union government tax exemptions for ten years. The region with no major industries so far can taste some industrial development at least now. The educated youth who have been migrated for the jobs to cities mainly Hyderabad Chennai and Bangalore can find suitable employment near to their home.

Power sector:

Availability of sufficient quality power attracts the industries to step in.
Providing an impetus to NTPC and State govt has to establish at least two Ultra Mega power project in this region for power generation by utilising the gas resources available in KG-Basin and coal resources available in this and other regions.

The existing RTPS-RAYALASEEMA THERMAL POWER PROJECT with1050MW has to develop with an additional capacity of 950MW.

Manufacturing and Heavy industries:

The then YSR Congress govt had laid a foundation stone for construction of Brahamani steel factory in YSR kadapa district and allocated iron ore mines in Anathapur district. The Brahamani steels had started construction in 11000 acres ol land and stopped it later, it is ready to occupy to construct steel plant.

SAIL has to establish a major steel plant in Jamalamadugu in kadapa district along with one other in Anathapur district as balanced regional industrial development program. The iron ore and Dolomite resources available in the Rayalseema region especially in Kadapa and Anathapur districts can be utilized for this.A large quantities of Iron ore had exported from this area to other nations by illegal mining can be overcome by this steps.

IDPL,BHEL, ECIL,HAL, SAIL and other PSU’s have to be invited to establish units here.

The Andhra Lights Co., Andhra Pradesh cooperative spinning mill on of the biggest in the Asia had closed down in Anathapur district. The both industries should be referring to Board for Industrial and Financial reconstruction (BIFR) to give impetus to these industries for revival

Prodhuttur cooperative Dairyfarm, Chennuru Sugar factory, has to be revived to operate.

Railways and Road network:

Due to land locked region adds geographical disadvantage,but being centre to three major cities in india Hyderabad ,Bangalore,Chennai can be developed as high speed fright and industrial corridor.The proximity to VANPIC and Krishnapatnam port and huge mineral resources deposits available in this region can be utilised for nation building. To realise that extensive rail and road network will be developed in this region.

The Electric & Diesel wagons, Rail way track and allied industries should be establish in this region with establishment to two major steel factories in this region at YSR Kadapa and Anathapur districts will adds an advantage to it.This will significantly decreases the logistics and manufacturing costs of products to this industries.


IT&ITES and electronic hardware industries:

 IT&ITES Electronics hardware Gaming, BPO, Animation and other technology industries has to be encouraged with special emphasis in this region in Kurnool, Tirupati, Kadapa Ananthapur districts and other regions of the state. Information Technology Investment region (ITIR) as sanctioned in Hyderabad has to be sanctioned in  Tirupati-Ananthapur-Mannavaram to this region.The IT &ITES SEZ's sanctioned earlier in this region has to taken up by Union govt to establish Software Technology Development Parks of India to promote IT sector. This will develop employment opportunities in this region and boost its regional economy.

The Govt of Andhra Pradesh had established the Hitex convention center in PPP mode and Hi-tech-City at Madhapur Hyderabad for promotion of IT industry. Similarly a Hitex international convention centre and Hi-tech-city has to establish in Tirupati and Vizag.

PCPIR Industrial Corridor:

Petro-Chemical corridor has to be promoted to leverage more investment along the coastal belt. Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical industries should be established with priority along the coastal belt of Nellore and Prakasam districts like Vizag-Kakinada PCPIR. Ship building industries in this PCPIR INDUSTRIAL belt will adds an advantage to it with special emphasis from Union govt.

Bangalore-Chennai Industrial corridor:

Due to the proximity to the Bangalore and Chennai cities Ananthapur Chittoor Nellore districts has to be developed an automobile Hi-tech manufacturing hub of India on behalf on Bangalore-Chennai Industrial corridor.

The larger area available in SEZ's like Lepakshi,VANPIC, and others will ease the financial burden to both Union and State governments.

Hyderabad-Bangalore Industrial corridor:

This corridor will emerge as life line for both Telangana and AP. The most backward districts of both the states Mahbubnagar, Kurnool, Ananthapur districts which are becoming synonyms of backwardness, poverty, farm suicides, and migration will see a rapid economic and infrastructure development.The vast stretch of barren land and mineral resources available here helps for establishment of large scale engineering, Agro based, mineral based industries.

The new CM’s of both the states cooperate together to realise this corridor which will change the fate of economy of south India at large.

National Investment and manufacturing zones:

The union government had introduced NIMZ's to promote investment and manufacturing in India. The manufacturing sector has a capacity to provide quant able number of employment opportunities in this most unemployed region.
Chittour district had one such in approved stage but the land procurement hasn't started yet. Three more NIMZ has to be sanctioned in Kurnool Anathapur Nellore district to provide employment opportunities in this region.

Mega food parks:

The union government had sanctioned 30 mega food parks in India during 11th and 12th plan. Two of this Mega food parks has to be develop in this region one in Prakasham district  due to considerable plantation in orchards ,groundnuts ,mangos ,bananas, tomatoes and sea food in Prakasham district etc.


An international airport which is still pending in Tirupati has to setup in jet speed on par with RGI-Hyd. The Honourable Prime Minister of India Dr.Man Mohan Singh had already laid a foundation stone for International Airport in Tirupati in 2010 since then there is no progress at all.

           Domestic Airports has to be developed in Kurnool, Kadapa, Ananthapur, Chittoor, Nellore, Ongole, which had earlier sanctioned for development in ambitious central government program to develop domestic airports for aviation industry through Airports Authority of India (AAI).

         The aviation industry will boost investments in this regions easy access to domestic and international destinations help to speedy progress of the other initiative which will take place in this region.

         The readily available 4500 acres of land earlier sanctioned for the construction of dedicated Airport to Bharmani Steel factory is to be declare as National Aviation SEZ for establishing aircraft and allied components manufacturing industry.The union govt has to promote it by itself along with an Aeronautical Engineering college.

Mining & Rayalaseema Mineral Development corporation (RMDC) :

The Rayalaseema is land for extensive mineral resources. The Mangampet mines for  worlds largest lime stone deposits,Mica and Pullerine, Iron ore deposits in Ananthapur district  Thadipathri,Reniguntta  and YSR Kadapa districts( near Pendlimarri),Dolomite helps to develop steel industries.
The kimberlite Ruby diamond Gold mines in the Kadapa Anathapur districts. The world second largest Uranium deposits at Thumallapalli near Pulivendla and Silver in YSR Kadapa district.The asbestos deposits on Pulivendla mandal help to develops electronic wiring industries cement products, crude boiler leggings,thermal insulation coverings etc.Copper, Silver,Limestone in Kurnool districts. The Lead and zinc in Kadapa and many more. The world largest deposits of Barytes of ex portability in Kadapa,Kurnool, Ananthapur districts used for paint paper textile and leather industries.Steatite in all Rayalaseema districts used in cosmetics,ceramics etc. These are very few mentioned among available.
                 In order to fully harness these resources Rayalaseema Mineral Development Corporation (RMDC) similar to National mineral development corporation (NMDC) has to establish in Kurnool.

Due to extensive availability of Limestone the CCI-Cement Corporation of India has to establish at least three mega cement production units in Kurnool Anathapur and Kadapa districts along with private players either in PPP MODE or By encouraging private players.

Indian School of Mining (ISM) has to establish in this region due to extensive mineral resources availability and full utilization of manpower.

Indian gemmology research institute in Ananthapur district
National institute of Mining
Indian Metal and Alloys Research Institute
Indian institute of Nuclear science in Pulivendla YSR Kadapa district
Centre for isotopic study
Centre for Nuclear medicine
National Geographical Research Institute
National Geophysical Research Institute

The union government has to take steps to promote industries in this region with special focus due to extensive availability of minerals.

Agriculture and allied activities:

The Rayalaseema region though it is agriculturally deprived which had clearly stated in Justice Sri Krishna committee. The can be overcomes by providing irrigation facilities as a discussed above. The semi-arid region of Rayalaseema region has urgent need of technical and scientific support.
       Indian semi-arid and Arid regions Agricultural research Institute

Which will research on crop patterns climatic considerations to develop diseased resistant and low water usage cropping methods and seeds? Bio-Genetic research on plant varieties, synthetic bio-technology on plant varieties. The research institute will focus on these arid districts in India to boost agriculture as a profit business.

       Indian Orchards Research and Development institute

The Rayalaseema region mostly rain fed but the Citrus,Banana,Lemon are extensively grown in this region this can be further developed by promoting the orchards through this institute.

Indian Dry lands Research institute,
Indian ground water development institute
Indian Red sandals conservation institute
National cotton research institute
National sunflower research institute
National Ground nut and Pulses research institute,


The Telangana region have IIT,ISB, IPE,IICT ,IIIT, NIT ,NIFT ,NID ,NIPER, BITS, ICFAI UoH, Maulana Azad National Urdu university, English and Foreign languages University,Nalsar University of law, and many more. Apart of that there is 435 central government institutions in and around Hyderabad, will explains the level of centralized development of AP only in Hyderabad.

There is an urgent need to transfer this institutions to the other part of the both of the states. Rayalaseema need to get at-least 40 percent of this institutes that will going to establish in residuary state of AP.

For your reference very few of them are:

·         University of Hyderabad
·         Indian School of Business
·         Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
·         International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad
·         Jawaharlal Nehru University of Architecture , Hyderabad
·         NALSAR University of Law
·         Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University
·         Andhra Pradesh Open University (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University)
·         Maulana Azad National Urdu University
·         Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University
·         English and Foreign Languages University
·         Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI)

Centres & Institutes
·         Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research
·         Administrative Staff College of India
·         Bharat Dynamics Limited
·         Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
·         Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics
·         Centre for Economic and Social Studies
·         Central Power Research Institute
·         Central Institute of Tool Design
·         Center for Good Governance
·         Center for Public policy and Research
·         Center for Economic and Social Studies
·         Administrative staff college of India
·         Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
·         Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
·         Directorate of Rice Research
·         DRDO
·         Advanced System Laboratory
·         Advanced Numerical Research & Analysis Group
·         Research Center Imarat
·         Indian Council of Agricultural Research
·         International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
·         International School of Engineering[1]
·         Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT)
·         Institute of Public Enterprise
·         Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
·         Indian Immunologicals Limited
·         Institute of Lifesciences
·         Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases
·         Indian Statistical Institute
·         Institute of Genetics and Hospital for Genetic Diseases
·         Laboratory of the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES)
·         Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh
·         National Academy of Agricultural Research Management
·         National Geophysical Research Institute
·         National Institute of Nutrition
·         Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Systems
·         Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
·         Engineering Staff College of India
·         National Institute of Fashion Technology
·         National Academy of Construction
·         National Geophysical Research Institute
·         Center of Plant Molecular Biology
·         National Remote Sensing Agency, India's Satellite Monitoring Station
·         National Centre for Compositional Characterisation of Materials
·         National Institute of Rural Management.
·         National Institute of Telecom finance and Management.
·         Indian Institute of Hospitability Management
·         National Institute of Plant Health Management
·         Nuclear fuel Complex
·         Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS) Hyderabad Campus

·         Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory
·         Center for Indian Ocean Studies
·         Central Forensic Sciences Laboratory
·         Defence elcetronics & research Laboratory
·         Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
·         Defence Research & Development Laboratory

Seema Andhra region has to get rightful share of this higher learning institutes must be established in this region along with IIM AIIMS IISc and central innovation universities. So that most talented fool of human resources can be generated along to attract the investments from the private players. Each district headquarter should become seat of one. For further reference this is the list of the Central and State sponsored institutes in and many more.

Not even a single central university or an institute of national importance had ever established in Rayalaseema region there is a grave need to do justice.
The Rayalaseema region needs an IIT in Kurnool ,AIIMS in Vizag and Tirupati ,NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY in Kadapa and Rayalaseema Central University in Anathapur , Telugu university in Ongole Agricultural University in Chittour, along with this the due to the proximity to Bangalore the second regional extinction Center of IISc should be establish in Ananthapur district for the promotion of higher research education in the nation this will boost the quality in the higher learning institutes in this region.

AIIMS will occupy utmost importance for the development of medical facilities in this region. Due to the absence of super speciality health institutes both in private and government AIIMS will help to dredge the gap.

The super speciality medical seats in MD and MS are only available in Hyderabad so this region will get severe disadvantage. The existing medical colleges in this region have to upgrade to super speciality level in all the departments of medicine.

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)

India's only launching facility available in Srihari Kota in Nellore district. In order to meet the challenges of future human resources requirement in aeronautic, space technology and scientific research Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) has to establish in the Suluripetta in Nellore district.

Due to the availability of world second largest reserve of uranium in Pulivendla
mandal in kadapa district an extensive research facility on nuclear science has to be establish in this mandal like Indian Institute of Nuclear science.

Engineering Staff college of India at Kadapa and Administrative staff college of India at Tirupati, Central power research institute in Ongole, National institute of Tool design in Kurnool will help to train the talented pool in this residual state.

The secondary education in this region is at minimal quality in order to provide educational to marginal standard and weaker sections the union govt has to establish Adharsh Schools,Kendhriya vidhyalis in this region.

National School of Music:

The indian genesis mingled with fine arts since it's early times.The Thallapakka village near Raychoti in YSR district is a birth place of Padakavitha Pithamahulu Sri Thallapakka Annamaya charulu who composed 32000 kirthanas about Lord Venkata eswra in order to give prominence to this region not only in Indian subcontinent but also world the National School of Music has to establish in this region.

Similarly, National school of Dance has to establish in Kuchipodi village in Krishna district to promote Indian culture and traditional art forms in India.

Animal husbandry:

The animal husbandry had occupied crucial role in the rural economy. The cattle rearing for food and agriculture is undivided in traditional agriculture practices. The government of Andhra Pradesh and Sri Venkataeswra Animal husbandry university had established INDRA GANDHI CENTRE FOR  ADVANCED LIFE STOCK RESEARCH (IGCARL) in Pulivendla in YSR KADAPA district with an outlay of 386 core. The construction work had completed long before with all facilities in international standards. The union government had already sanctioned 77 acre Bio-and Pharma SEZ. But the centre hadn't started its operations so far, leads to wastage of and advanced research facility.

                The union government has to take over this institute for the promotion of animal husbandry, development of medical and vaccination research and production facility in India.

Conservation of rich heritage and archaeological sites in this region:

The Gandikota in Kadapa district had great historical background along with its recent findings of early man habitations. This fort has excellent scenery and beautiful mosque on the biggest and is symbol of Hindu - Muslim brotherhood. this site has to be recommend for UNESCO World heritage sites and union government has to take an initiative to develop this region as tourist attraction.

The Chandra giri Kota and Trimula temple Adoni fort in Kurnool district,one hundred sixty crore(160 core  ) year old Sila thoranum is  Trimula is and Sesachalm forests geological hot spots has to develop as tourist attraction.

Rayalseema Regional Investment and Development Corporation (RRIDC):

In order to oversee the development of the backward region RRIDC has to establish as statutory authority by the Parliament.

The authority has to oversee the development of this regions four districts and Nellore Prakasham districts. The Union and State government has to provide annual budgetary support to this corporation.

The corporation has to develop capital investments in this region for industrial promotion, sustainable development, employment creation, development of recreation facilities,development of industrial parks,SEZ's NIMZ's Mega food parks development of IT electronic hardware parks etc, similar to APIIC in Andhra Pradesh but this corporation has to get financial support from the Union government.

The corporation has to look for the development of micro small and medium industries which are more labour intensive with major focus.The towns in this six districts should have the industrial clusters for the development of MSME Industries.

State Bank of Rayalaseema (SBR) & Rayalaseema Educational Finance Corporation:

A scheduled commercial bank as has to be establish with Kurnool as it's headquarters to provide credit for the development of this region agriculture, employment, industries ,providing loans for the higher education in India and abroad.
A dedicated wing of this bank Raylaseema educational finance corporation has to be incorporated in this region to provide education loans to the students in this region. This will help to provide higher education opportunities to these region poor family students.

Sports facilities:

The government of Andhra Pradesh had established world class sport facilities in Uppal as international cricket stadium and AP SPORTS COMPLEX at Gachibowli in Hyderabad which can capable to accommodate international sports events like Afro-Asian games, National games, International Military games and many more. The Rayalaseema region has to get this facilities in Kurnool and similar sports campus facilities in Andhra region at Vizag.


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