Sunday, November 10, 2013


Q1.what are the Total number of vacancies in all All india and group A and B services.

Q2.what is the impact of that vacancies in administration.

Q3.what are the steps taken by the union government to fill this gap of requirement of officers in all india and central services.

Q4.What are the steps taken to improve the training facilities of all India and central crevices officers to induct more number of officers as per the vacancies.

Q5.what is the cost incurred by the government to train each officer in all India and Central Group A and Group B services filled trough civil services exam.

Q6.How many officers in all India services likes IAS IPS IFS and Group A and B facing criminal,corruption,disciplinary and CBI cases state wise.

Q7.In how many cases and on whom ( officers ) govt had given permission for prosecution on all india and central services officers and what are the charges facing by them.

Q8.How much amount of property or other monetary amount seized from the officers in All india services like IAS IPS and IFS and Group A and B who are facing allegations in different cases in India and abroad in past 10 years and from whom.
Q9.What are the steps taken to constitute Civil services Board at Central and state level.

Q10.what are the steps taken by the Union govt to protect sincere officers from false allegations,political pressures, etc to do there job freely with out any pressure from outside.

Q11.what are steps taken so far to reform all this matters based of Hota committee and 2nd ARC.

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