Tuesday, November 12, 2013

RTI filed to Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs

Q1.what was the total amount spend on last parliament Monsoon sessions 
Q2.what is the amount spend on Tea,coffee,snacks, and meals for MPs in last parliament monsoon sessions
Q3.what was the total number of hours the two houses had functioned in the last monsoon session.
Q4.what is net worth of gifts or other monetary gifts given to the each MPs for the both houses of parliament in the monsoon session for there attend.
Q5.what is the total amount of salary given to an MP in both Houses of Parliament for month.
Q6.what was the amount of money spend to conduct Parliament session per hour.
Q7.who had posed maximum number of questions in the both houses of parliament.
Q8.who had taken most time to speak in the either House of Parliament. 
Q9.How many number of MPs hadnt used MP lads not even a single rupee so far for the development of there constituencies and there names by state.
Q10.what was the amount spend for maintaining Parliament building and  staff in last year ie2012.
Q11.How many bills had discussed and passed in the last Monsoon session of parliament.
Q12.what is the present status of Womens reservation bill legislative bodies and Lokpal bill.
Q13.why Lokpal bill hadnt passed in parliament. What are recommendations of Parliamentary committee on Lokpal Bill.  

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